13 Reasons Why Review


I consider myself a easily pleased reader and i was surprised when i really didn’t like this book. Excuse my language, but i thought Hannah was a complete bitch. All she ever did in those tapes was blame people for why she killed herself. I also kinda felt that this book encourage suicide. The thing is Hannah could have stopped so many things that happened liked when Jessica was getting raped and Hannah was hiding in the closet. Yes she was drunk, but she could have at least got out of the closet and yelled or something. The sad thing is that the boy Jessica liked was in the next room and he knew what was happening to her and did nothing to stop it. Yes Hannah did send those tapes and yes she did blackmail the people she sent it to ,but the worst thing she did was send those tapes out to 13 different people. 12 of those people’s stories weren’t even that bad. There were mostly just embarrassing, but Jessica’s story was about how Hannah ,her former friend, watched her get raped and did nothing about it. The other thing is that Jessica probably didn’t even know what was happening because she was so drunk. It was just as a surprise to Jessica as it was to everyone else .Hannah could have also stopped that one Senior boy at the school from dying in the car crash since she and that other girl ( i forgot her name whoops) were the reason why there was an accident in the first place. Since they hit the stop sign the boy didn’t stop because he didn’t see it. She didn’t even have the decency to got to his funeral.Now someone please explain to me how Hannah Baker is the victim in all of this.At the end of the book when Hannah went to Mr. Potter and told him that something happened at the party ,but she didn’t give him enough information and then blames him for being one of the reasons why she killed herself. Like girl i’m sure if he had known what had happened and your intentions he would have helped you. I know that she let that thing in the hot tub happen with that boy because she was trying to find reasons to kill herself ,but still.I felt sorry for Hannah when that read that suicide note out loud and they said whoever wrote it was just looking for attention. Also when that one kid in her class stole her encouraging notes. She needed all of the encouraging words that she could get and he stole that from her.I want to know why that girl Skye was in the book and what she had to do with the story she was just there. Didn’t see why she needed to be in the story.

In the end I thought that this book was overhyped, that it had no ending, and had a weak and mediocre plot. Definitely not worth your time and it’s the first book i gave a 1 star. hope you enjoyed this review even though it was all negative. Stay tuned because i will be posting my ‘October TBR’ on Monday and ‘ Books i’m ashamed I haven’t read’ on Tuesday.

~Ari Marsi 10/4/2015


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