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I’ve been blogging for over a month now and starting this blog is the best decision I have ever made. Before I started this blog I had no one to discuss books with because most of the people I talk to don’t read books. I’ve been bullied around in school a lot when I was younger and it made me shy to share any of my feelings. I fond about about booktube a couple of months ago and I was so shocked. I had never known that there were people that made book videos. When I started watching them I wanted to do what they did. They got to share their feelings about books on the Internet with people. As I mentioned before I’m very shy so I didn’t want to go sit behind a camera and talk to y’all so I made a blog instead. I’ve shared alottle bit about myself this month ,but I feel like I didn’t tell y’all enough so hers a fun fact about me.

FUNFACT:I went to Africa in 2012 and lived there for almost a year.

~ share a FUNFACT about yourself down below and I also had this crazy idea to start a book club if any of you guys would be interested in that give this blog a like and also comment down. Comment If you guys have reccomendations for what you want to see on this next on this blog! THANKS AND I LIVE Y’ALL!


7 thoughts on “A MONTH

  1. I am approaching my blog’s one month anniversary shortly too! I just came across your blog and it’s very impressive how far you’ve come in such a short time. Congrats!


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