Day 01 (Best Book Series You Read Last Year)


 In the beginning of 2014 I went to the library and checked out the first book in the vampire academy series. I had it for a few weeks and then decided to read it. The beginning of the first book was really good now that i flip through it ,but i was in a reading slump and i was also reading so many other books that when it came close to the return day i just turned it in. I didn’t even think about that book until i saw it on booktube. People kept talking about how much they love it. I went back to the library to check the book out and finished it in a day. I was captivated by this book series. It’s not only my favorite book series i read last year ,but it’s my favorite book series i’ve ever read (not including harry potter).

If you haven’t read this book or if you only read the first book KEEP READING BECAUSE THE SERIES GETS SOOO MUCH BETTER. There is also a spin off series called Bloodlines. The main character is someone from Vampire Academy so you have to read that first.

Tell me your favorite book/book series in the comments.

-If you didn’t know the first book is a movie.






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