Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series Review


Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series by: Laini Taylor

This series is about an art student named Karou in Prague, Czech. She doesn’t know who her parents are or where she is from. She has a sketchbook were she draws these creatures. Something that no one knows is that her foster father is a creature and he has raised her. She also runs errands for him and she has no idea what he does with the things she brings to him.

If you have only read the first book and didn’t enjoy it try reading the second book because I understood the first book better after I did so.

Individual Book Ratings:

Book 1: 3/5

Book 2: 5/5

Book 3: 3/5 – Didn’t really enjoy the ending

  • This probably going to be my only series review on here because when i started this blog I had already read the first two book ,but I wanted to review the last book so I just did it in a series.

3 thoughts on “Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series Review

    1. i had a hard time understanding what was going on in the first book ,but when i read the second book i did. Overall I did enjoy the last book ,but most of the book wasn’t meeded. I felt that the author was just trying to make it a really big book

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