Bookish and Blogging Goals for 2016

Reread The Harry Potter

– I have been telling myself to do this since the year I read them. Harry Potter is my all time favorite series and I don’t think I would have this blog if i hadn’t read them. I read this series almost five years ago and NEED to reread them.

Reading at least 100 books this year

– At the beginning of the year I set my goal to 100 books ,but changed it in October when i was at 60 books, knowing it was impossible for me to read that much. It made me feel like I had given up and seeing people on Goodreads completing and passing their goals made me want to try again. In the first half of the year I didn’t read a lot because I didn’t have time and when i did I told myself i could read later and watched Netflix.

Give up on Books if I’m not liking them

– This year wasn’t my best reading year and I read a lot of books that I really didn’t like. I felt that even if i didn’t like a book that I HAD to finish it. I thought that even if I didn’t like the beginning and middle of a book the end might be great, but this new year I will start to DNF books that i don’t like.


– I started this blog on August 31st of this year. I love having a place where I can express my thoughts, positive or negative, about books. Out of the 20 books I read during the four months I have had this blog, I have only reviewed 4 books. i would really like to change that in 2016 and try to review every book I read. If I can’t do that then at least 1 book review a week. I would like to start making some of my reviews with spoilers to get into why I felt the way i felt about them. Also i want to start doing top five Wednesday. I think I have only done one, the reason being, because I have seen the topics and felt that I wouldn’t have an answer for them and then forgetting all about it.


– If I am being completely honest, I have never done a readathon. i have seen a lot of videos and blog posts of people’s tbrs for readathons and would really wan to start to do them.

Blogging Schedule

– I would really like to start a schedule with my blog posts so you guys will know when they will be going up. (ex. Tag Tuesday, Review Friday etc.)


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