Best Suggested Books You Loved/Hated

Best Suggested Books You Loved (books recommended to you)

Harry Potter by: J.K. Rowling

I distinctly remember the first day I saw this series. There was  this girl that was reading it in my sixth grade class and one day she asked the teacher if she could read a chapter to our class. The teacher allowed her to do so and the next day I went to my school library and checked Harry Potter and loved it.

Vampire Academy by: Richelle Mead

This series was recommend to me by a librarian at my local library and so I checked it out. I remember while reading this book I was reading another series that I was familiar with so when i started reading VA, I just wanted to read the other series. I got around page 160 in VA and it was ok, but when it was time to return it I did and just forgot about the book. Then a couple of months later I saw VA on Booktube so I went to the Library and checked it back out. I’m so glad I did because VA is now one of my favorite series.

Fault in Our Stars by: John Green

Just about everyone was reading this book, but I hadn’t heard about it until it was announced it was going to be a movie. Right when the movie cam out, I checked the book out from my Library and started it. One day I was in my room reading it and my amazing brother (sarcasm) walked in and saw me reading Tfios and he told me what happened at the end. I’m sure you guys and gals all know what i’m talking about, but just in case you someone hasn’t read the book I won’t say what happened. When he told me I didn’t believe it or him because he isn’t a reader and only reads if it’s for school. I thought he was just kidding, but then I got to the end and realized he spoiled me. He spoiled me! I was in denial, then shock, the I was just angry. Tfios was the first real book I was spoiled for. Before I was spoiled I was really enjoying it, but after I finished the book I hated it. Until this day I haven’t seen the movie or read any other John Green books and to be honest it’s because i’m scared while i’m reading the book someone is going to spoil me since there is already a movie for Paper Towns and there will be one for Looking for Alaska. That doesn’t mean I won’t read his books. I will…eventually.

The Duff by: Kody Keplinger

Another book to movie adaptation. This book was recommended to me by Goodreads. So I read this book in a span of two days because it wasn’t that long. This book wasn’t really my thing. I get how the book has a good message and how everyone is a “Duff”, but I just didn’t like this book. We book lovers all know the saying “The Book is always better than the movie”. Well, I liked the movie better than the book. The movie was so different and I actually liked them. I hated book Wesley with a passion. He was a complete jerk and I hate how Bianca always ran to him.


Thirteen Reasons Why by: Jay Asher 

Umm… I’m not even going to get into it. This book was sooo hyped and I literally have no idea why. I know Jay has another book out and I don’t want to not read it because I didn’t like this book. If any of you have read it can you tell me how it was in the comments? Thank you!




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~Hope you enjoyed this and i’ll have another post up soon. Take Care!



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