Spoilers…. WHY?

This past week I have been spoiled for so many books it’s ridiculous. Just this past Friday, I was in my school library browsing the bookshelves, per usual, and the book I was currently reading fell out of my backpack. There was a boy sitting at a table next to the bookshelves. He kindly picks my book off the floor, hands it to me, and spoils the ending. He obviously sees my book mark, but disregarded it and continues to tell me how wonderful the ending is . I have never truly been spoiled for a book and now I feel like I finally understand readers. This past week I have been spoiled for three books and two series. Not a fun time.


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~Hope you enjoyed this and i’ll have another post up soon. Take Care!


6 thoughts on “Spoilers…. WHY?

  1. I hate spoilers also. But I must say, that sometimes I’m confused what spoilers actually are. I mean… Telling somebody how the book will end is ridiculous. But… when I’m writing book reviews, sometimes I don’t now how much information should I include in my reviews. Some things are important for the story and I need to write about them because otherwise I can’t continue with my review. But at the same time, someone can say that I spoiled a book for him.

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    1. I completely understand what your saying. When I write reviews, I just mention things that I would feel comfortable reading if I hadn’t read the book.

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