Blog Update


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Hello Lovely people! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post  in forever, but school starts kinda early where I live….like really early ( August 3). Im also taking 5 A.P. classes and homework and projects have been piling up. Since this is my junior year, I won’t be having a lot of free time. I was really sad about this because I thought I would have to stop blogging this year, but I came up with a solution….


Yeah I know most of you already knew that this is was a thing, but i only recently discovered this. I’m not promising that i will be posting regularly, but I will try to post AT LEAST three posts a week.

p.s: If there is any specific tag or  blog post you want me to publish, feel free to leave those recommendations down below.






~Hope you enjoyed this and i’ll have another post up soon. Take Care!


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